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10 Fun Autumn Activities

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

What’s your favourite time of the year? I love nothing more than when Summer slowly turns into Autumn and I have an excuse to get out the cosy jumpers, make hot chocolates and just get ready for the snuggly season ahead.

So today, on the Autumn Equinox, I couldn’t resist putting together 10 autumn activities to enjoy.

1. Pumpkin Picking

Of course heading off to a pumpkin patch had to be at the top of the list. This is such a fun day out with the kids as most pumpkin patches have a wide variety of activities available, so grab your wellies, some waterproofs (I’m in Scotland after all!!) and go enjoy a pumpkin filled day!

If you’re in Scotland a few of the best pumpkin patches to try would be Arnprior Farm, Cairnie Fruit Farm or Blair Drummond Safari Park.

2. Find a Crispy Leaf Walk

Pull on your boots, cosy layers and head off to find the most colourful, crispy leafed walk near you. There’s nothing quite like it on a crisp, cold day! If you’ve got kids with you, make it more fun by doing an autumnal themed treasure hunt, e.g. find some conkers, spot a red squirrel, find a bright red leaf.

3. Go Bramble Picking

A favourite for The Littlest Assistant and I. Take a tub and head off in search of some juicy brambles ready for picking.

4. Get Your Bake On!

Then with all those brambles you have just picked why not bake an apple and bramble crumble. Autumn comfort food at its best!

And talking of baking, the start of The Great British Bake Off, is always a sure fire way to make you feel like Summer is over and cosy evenings in front of the TV are the new normal!!

5. Enjoy a Sunday Roast

While on the topic of good old comfort food, this list really wouldn’t be complete without a Sunday roast on it! As far as I’m concerned, a roast dinner is acceptable all year round but as the evenings are drawing in and getting colder, there is something very wholesome about a Sunday roast, whether that’s at your local pub or at home. Take a look at this article from The Herald for top Sunday roast destinations in Scotland. Let me know if you’ve been to any and what you thought of them, I love a good recommendation!

6. Leaf Rubbings

Who remembers doing this in Primary School?! On our walks recently the Littlest Assistant and I have been picking up some fancy big leaves and trying out some leaf rubbing. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about - place a leaf under some paper and rub a crayon, on its side, gently over the paper until the outline of the leaf comes through. A very simple activity for kids of all ages.

7. Halloween

Let your imagination run wild and get involved with the kids making Halloween costumes!

Halloween Pick n Mix Sweets 10 fun autumn activities

8. Spooky Movie Night

Coorie up on the sofa and re-watch your favourite Halloween themed movies. Why not add one of our Halloween Pick n Mix boxes for the perfect movie night treat.

What’s your favourite Halloween movie? I’ve got Hocus Pocus on my list to watch this year, is it crazy that I’ve never seen it?

9. Hot Chocolate Galore

As like a Sunday roast, I feel hot chocolates are for all year round, not just for Autumn & Winter!! But when it’s cold and blustery outside, there’s nothing quite like getting to coorie up inside with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. For an added bit of Autumn/Halloween pizazz why not add one of our Pumpkin marshmallows on top.

Halloween Pick n Mix Sweets 10 fun autumn activities

10. Remember, Remember

…..the 5th November! One of my favourite evenings of the year! Get well wrapped up and go watch your local fireworks display for an evening of ohh-ing and ahh-ing at all the beautiful colours and loud bangs!

So there you have it, some Autumn activities to enjoy! If you do any send us your photos.

Halloween Pick n Mix Sweets The Sweetie Jar 10 fun autumn activities



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