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This is Kate the bossiest, cheekiest and quite possibly cutest member of staff, aka The Littlest Assistant.  It's not uncommon to see Kate in The Sweetie Jar 'helping' on a Saturday.


& thank you for dropping by our little corner of the internet.  

The Sweetie Jar is a traditional online sweet shop that will take you a walk down memory lane.

Take a browse...whether you're looking for your favourite Pick 'n' Mix sweets, a sweetie hamper as a gift or a box of indulgent chocolates, we've surely got something that will take your fancy.

Meet The Team!!

Since selling the shops my team has been reduced to me, myself and I....with the occasional bit of help from the Littlest Assistant!!

Owne, Denise Brolly Sweet shop scotland traditional sweet shop


This is me, Denise, I've been running The Sweetie Jar for 7 years and I LOVE running my own business.

When I'm in the packing unit, putting together your orders, writing your lovely gift notes and keeping everything ticking over, it is absolutely my happy place. I'm so lucky that I can genuinely say I look forward to work every Monday!



My Littlest Assistant....aka my 9 year old daughter Kate. She was only 2 when she started "work" here and so knows the sweetie business almost as well as I do! Her main task is quality control which she undertakes with very little complaint!!

If you'd love to hear more from us....what we're up to, new products, first to know of seasonal releases, exclusive discount codes and all the other good stuff, then join our email newsletter....I promise I won't spam you!!

Happy Browsing! 

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